Relax, You're Home...

Life moves in the blink of an eye, so with that, I thought it only appropriate to start detailing the life that is Officer Hardass. Although, while I am young and virile at the moment, a time will come when youth and virility give way to adult diapers and senility. Until the futile battle of aging is lost and I'm in the throws of deaths door, I want nothing more than to look back over this blog, laugh at what has been, and walk happily into eternity while lost in nostalgia.


To date, there has been many adventures—albeit misadventures—and unfortunately, they are lost to the depths of my memory where they will likely, at some point, be forgotten. A wise (I use the term lightly) man once noted, "Hardass's don't remember anything—blogs do!"  Hence my reasoning for writing this blog.


I have spent my entire life being surrounded by all sorts of motorbikes. I started racing moto x in mid teens, then upgraded to freestyle moto x. It wasn't long before injury took its toll and my employer at the time decided "things weren't working out" so it was time to hang up two wheels, if I wanted to remain employed. After an early retirement from freestyle moto x, knee surgery and partial amputation of my right index finger, it was time for a major career change and a motorbike change from two wheels to four. Quad riding on the beach was a major highlight of my twenties and one I will always look back on favourably.


In more recent times, I have gone back to two wheels, only this time in the form of a Harley–Davidson Road King. My first Harley–Davidson was a '99 Dyna that was custom modified from the ground up. It was really quite scary how fast this thing was and how poorly it handled! It wasn't until my dear friend Wom Battle upgraded to a new Road King that I gave serious consideration to an "old man's bike". After one ride on the new '09 Road King I was sold and it was only a period of a few months before the psycho Dyna was sold and replaced with an '09 Road King of my own.


Later that year we embarked on the most incredible journey to date: Two and a half weeks, 6500ks, and every piece of coast along the bottom half of Australia. This was a trip I would do again in a heartbeat.


A little more current to date, I've been embarking on 'Ironbutt' rides with my dear friend Wom Battle—major credit to Wom for meticulously planning these rides! These rides consist of a minimum 1600ks in under 24hrs and only get longer...  The most epic IBA ride to date was an SS1600 on a little Yamaha TT-R 250, which earned me the coveted IBA title of "Not Right Rider".


I'm now focusing on long distance running, which is something I have really fallen in love with.  Plus, it makes a good excuse to get out of town, stay in 5 star accommodation, eat, drink and be merry, after an event!


There are a whole swag of other shenanigans going on that will get mentions along the way, so stay tuned!