NT Rally - Day 15 - Home

By Officer Hardass
Category: H.O.G. Rides

This was it, my final day and final leg home: Gold Coast to Newcastle.  It was an easy run so I had a little sleep in and went out for breaky with the family.  It was great.  We all went for a walk around the beaches before I needed to head off.  It was my best mate Johny's wife's surprise birthday party tonight and I told her sister Libby I would be there.  After a great goodbye I jumped on the bike and headed for home.

I swear, every time I ride this coast road I vow to never do it again.  So much bloody road work and slow drivers.  In any case, I persevered and kept going.  Things improved after Coffs Harbour which made me a little happier.  I stopped at Port Macquarie for fuel and an early dinner before the final run to Alex's party at Merewether.

I arrived at the party about half an hour late which was perfect.  I didn't want Alex to see my bike and ruin the surprise.  I had a great couple hours at the party but now it was time to finish the last few kilometres of this epic journey and go home.

Riding up my driveway was a sad moment but one that was inevitable.  It has been an incredible 7,500km journey of soul searching and seeing new places.  I have now ridden through every state and territory of our great southern land and it has only given me taste to see more of our country. 

The arrival at home was an arrival in more ways than one.  It marked both the end of my journey and a closed book in my life.  I knew in the morning it would be the start of a new book, one with clean pages yet to be written.  A part of that was exciting and yet very scary.  I know these hard feelings will pass and I will walk strongly into whatever my future brings because I have confident expectation of good.

Until the next journey!