NT Rally - Day 14 - Gold Coast

By Officer Hardass
Category: H.O.G. Rides

I was feeling great again this morning after another awesome sleep and I was excited to hit the coast again after being inland for so long.  I got packed up about 7am and took off for Goondiwindi.

About 50km out of town I started seeing grey kangaroos so I took it pretty easy.  A few had already jumped across in front of me but nothing serious.  The next minute, one came out of nowhere.  In that split second I thought it would try and stop as there was on oncoming van and I didn't think the roo would make it.  I backed off a little and braced to hit the roo.  Thankfully it didn't stop and just skipped past my front wheel.  Badly, though, the oncoming van hit it head on and man it made a sickening bang.  I watched in my mirror to see if the van stopped but it just kept going so I did the same.  I spent the next hour thanking God for keeping me safe.  That was the closest roo call I've had in a long time.

Arriving at Goondiwindi I needed a stress coffee and pie.  I found what looked like a nice bakery and sat down.  I promptly knocked over my coffee—it was rubbish anyway—and bit into what I thought was a cheese and bacon pie to find out it was a spinach and egg something.  I just laughed and thought, well, things can only get better from here so off I went to a servo for fuel and a Dare iced coffee.

Next up I headed to Toowoomba and started winding down the mountain.  The view was stunning as were the roads.  It was amazing how much the temperature picked up as the altitude decreased.  I never realised I was so high up.  The final leg to the Gold Coast I worked my way around the beaches and got a little nostalgic.  Man I love this place.  I would move here in a heartbeat.

I arrived at my bro's place about 2pm which was perfect time. We all had a great catch up and a few drinks.  My nephew got attacked by a rouge seagull which I managed to catch; it was really funny but it scared the hell out of my poor nephew.  Later that evening I had an awesome story time with my nephew before he went off to bed.  I was in bed soon after.  Tomorrow was my final run home.  Honestly not sure how I'm feeling about that.