NT Rally - Day 13 - Nindigully

By Officer Hardass
Category: H.O.G. Rides

Man what a sleep!  I was feeling awesome this morning.  I think I'm finally starting to shake the negative thoughts and accept everything that's happened.  This is good.  And what's even better is another day chasing the horizon.  I could seriously do this forever.  Dave scoped out a nice bakery so we headed there for another pie and coffee breaky before heading out of town and onto our first stop at Mitchell.

Every day now we are getting much further into civilisation.  It was a little sad to be closer to home but it had been such an epic journey and I was planning on savouring every last minute.  We made a brief stop at Mitchell and discussed whether we should get in our wet weather gear or not.  My vote was not as I thought we would miss the rain.  Turns out we almost missed it but didn't get very wet so no love lost.

From Mitchell we made a quick stop at Roma before making a run to St George.  I took it easy through here as last time I came though it was a complete kangaroo death ally.  Thankfully we made it through without issue and arrived at St George safely for fuel and lunch.  From here I only had a short run to Nindigully and the guys had a longer run to Moree.  We all said our goodbyes and thanked each other for an awesome trip home.   So with that we all left and I waved them off at Nindigully.

Arriving at Nindigully pub all I could do was smile.  It was a little before 2pm, the sun was shining and I was parked out the front of one of the most iconic country pubs in Australia.  I walked inside, grabbed a beer and checked in.  Turns out I was in the honeymoon suite!  This meant nothing other than a name.  After unpacking and showering I grabbed a nice Cuban and a beer and headed for a sunny patch in the beer garden.  This was the perfect afternoon with some time to myself.

After a good chill I went for a walk down the creek and said hello to a few campers.  There must have been 50 vans all parked just enjoying the sun.  I made sure I was back at the pub in time for happy hour!

Once happy hour was done I grabbed some dinner and damn it was good.  After so many steaks I thought fish would be good and it didn't disappoint.  From here I headed back to my verandah and enjoyed another Cuban before hitting the sack.  Tomorrow I was heading to the Gold Cost to see my bro, his wife and my nephew.