NT Rally - Day 12 - Charleville

By Officer Hardass
Category: H.O.G. Rides

It was a slightly slower start today.  We kicked off about half 7 and went back to the pub for a quick photo before trying to find a petrol station that had unleaded fuel.  I was starting to get a little worried as the first two had nothing but we found a Caltex on the way out of town that opened at 8am that had fuel so we were in luck.  First leg was Longreach about 200km away.

Heading for Longreach we saw more open farm land and less and less red dirt.  Ironically, we were still in the QLD outback but it felt like we were much closer to civilisation.  Not sure if that was because I had been though Longreach before or if it was that we'd just been so remote anything would look like civilisation.  Either way it didn't matter, we got to enjoy another day of chasing the horizon so all was well.

At Longreach we stopped for a pie and coffee breakfast before heading for Barcaldine and then on to Tambo for lunch.  Starting to see a lot more trees now and less open land.  Things were quite green so I presumed they must have had plenty of rain.

From Tambo it was only another 200km to Charleville.  We said goodbye to Baz here as he was heading to Mitchell for the night and then home to the Gold Coast.  Nick needed a little touch up on a rubber exhaust mount as it was rattling like a mad thing and had us all worried it was something serious!  Poor Slim took a rock in the headlight off my back tire so we also stuck a bandaid on that to keep him going.

The road into Charleville looked eerily like a kangaroo path so I slowed us all down and we just took it easy.  We did see a bunch of grey kangaroos but thankfully they all kept to the side of the road.

Pulling up at the pub I couldn't have been more impressed.  Mate, this thing was massive!  We walked inside to grab a beer and check in.  The inside of the pub was completely original but in incredibly good condition; it was stunning.  The huge wraparound bar and timber features we so impressive.  I was in heaven.  I got a little pub room on the balcony.  Time for a shower then head to the bar and settle in.

We all had another massive steak for dinner and a good dose of beers and chat.  The trip home with these guys was just the ticket.  I really enjoyed their company.  After dinner I retired to the balcony for a nice Cuban and off to bed.  Tomorrow I'm off to Nindigully to see their iconic pub.  Can't wait!