NT Rally - Day 9 - Rally Sunday

By Officer Hardass
Category: H.O.G. Rides

Today is the last day of the rally and on the schedule is a few different guided rides, a rally group photo in the middle of town and a ride through Bojangles Saloon!  I was bloody excited about that last part.  I can honestly say I've never ridden through a pub!


The guided ride headed west out of town about 50km past Standley Chasm to a little lookout.  As everything here, it was really beautiful.  From the lookout we headed back to Standley Chasm for another look around.  A few HOGs in my chapter decided to go have a walk around town, which seemed like a good idea.


The main strip of Alice Springs was great.  Had lots of little markets and shops.  I grabbed a Korean pancake, which was a little different.  Also found a good Alice Springs patch for my vest so mission accomplished.


Not long after, we all gathered on the council lawns for a massive group photo.  It was like herding a bunch of cats trying to get everyone organised but we got there in the end.  Next up we were about to ride through Bojangles Saloon so I headed for my bike.


Riding through the pub was incredible.  A few hundred bikes had already gone through before me so by the time I got inside it was so full of exhaust and raw noise, it was awesome.  I swear I nearly tore my cheeks from smiling, it was such a buzz.  I parked up and walked back around inside the pub for a couple beers before heading back to the hotel for HOG happy hour.


Now, our LOH girls know how to put on a happy hour.  Lots of great snacky food everywhere and plenty of people enjoying it.  With a full belly I retired to my room for a cigar on the balcony and a bit of reflection on the trip so far.  It had been awesome and I hoped would only get better.  Tonight is dinner and presentation for the grass games.  Most of the chapter said our goodbyes as we were all heading different directions.  Tomorrow is a 7am start heading Barkly Homestead about 700km away.