Mystery Ride!

By Officer Hardass
Category: H.O.G. Rides

This ride was even a mystery to me until Chewy shot me an email with a proposed route that looked pretty damn awesome.  I really wasn't up to leading the group with all the rubbish that has gone on in my personal life in the last few weeks but sure as hell I was keen for a ride to clear my head and try get things back on track again.  After looking at the route, I shot a reply to Chewy with a big thumbs up.


Rocking up a BP Beresfield there was already a healthy number of bikes, which was awesome to see.  Speaking with some of the other HOGs we've been seeing some good numbers at rides again, which is really great.  I apologised to many for my absence of late but didn't have the heart to divulge the full details.  Maybe another day.


Our proposed start time of 12:30PM came and went as we were still waiting on a couple stragglers from Frasers.  By 1:00PM they had arrived and we quickly called the rider's briefing and got lined up to head out.  I always love the rider's briefing for a mystery ride, it's nice and simple and goes something like this, "today's ride is a mystery, so saddle up and let's go".


With 16 bikes in tow, we headed north out of BP and on to Thornton.  We had a bit of trouble getting everyone through the roundabout but I knew Chewy would stop up ahead so there was no problem.


By the time we got to the other side of Thornton the group was so badly broken up, I jumped in front and led for about 100 metres before seeing Chewy, ahead with the rest of the group.  After a brief regrouping we were off again and heading for Bolwarra Heights.


Bolwarra Heights through to Stanhope was absolutely gorgeous.  I don't think I've ever ridden along here, but now I know I will definitely come back.  The road was nice and windy with enough elevation to present a great view across the rural land.  After reaching Stanhope we headed back down towards Rothbury and on to our ultimate destination, Potters Tavern.


Riding past the front of Potters Tavern it looked to be reasonably busy.  This always makes parking a group of bikes fun.  Turns out there was a great spot out the back where we were all able to fit.  Soon after, we all posed for a group photo and it was inside for a beer and late lunch.  Unfortunately, I had more pressing matters to attend to so I said a quick sorry to everyone and shot home to attend to said matters.


All in all a really great little ride.  Picturesque country and a good bunch of blokes and ladies.  As always, it was really great to see healthy numbers at a club ride.


Until next time.