Mystery Ride!

By Officer Hardass
Category: H.O.G. Rides

After getting washed out for our Wiseman's Ferry ride, I was really looking forward to swinging a leg over for this mystery ride!  It was a nice warm day, plenty of sunshine so I knew we were good to go.  Obviously being a mystery ride no one knew where we were going but Chewy and I planned to an easy loop around Mt Sugarloaf and the Central Coast, ultimately arriving at Catho Pub for a cold beer and some dinner.


We met up at BP Beresfield at 4PM for a 4:30PM start.  When I arrived there was already half a dozen others waiting so that was a good sign.  Heading toward our start time we had a few more show up, totalling around 10, which is an easy number to manage.  Chewy was heading up this ride with me at the tail so he made the call and we headed off to saddle up.


Shortly after heading out of BP we were broken up by traffic at the roundabout, which is quite typical.  Chewy kept the front of the group slow so we all caught up in no time.  The next leg through Kurri Kurri we all stayed in tow, which is always awesome sitting up the back looking at all the bikes ahead.


We swung off John Renshaw Dr and looped back toward Mt Sugarloaf on George Booth Dr then made a right onto Richmond Vale Rd.  It's such pretty country winding through here.  Luckily Chewy didn't forget to make the left at Mulbring at the cricket oval—a turn I always miss!


Next we pressed on to Cooranbong and skirted around Morisset.  You could feel the temperature drop as we headed back towards the coast, which was awesome.  Next up was a left onto Ruttleys Rd and we were back on the Pacific Hwy heading north.


Back on the highway it was only a short leg to the Catho Pub top turnoff.  As we started to veer into the turnoff, Chewy noticed the road was actually closed!  This obviously caused a little confusion and a bit of a mess getting everyone back on the highway.  No harm done, though, just a few giggles.  We now knew we had to take the next turnoff.


After successfully taking the second turnoff we wound down around Catho Beach and pulled up out the front of Catho Pub.  Just as we did a bunch of other bikers were pulling out.  One guy did a nice big fishtail as he did, which was pretty impressive.


Inside, we all grabbed a beer and settled down for a good meal and plenty of laughs.  It was a great end for 2015!