Ladies of Harley Ride

By Officer Hardass
Category: H.O.G. Rides

This was the first official ride for 2016 and we didn't get rained out!  We've had too much bloody rain lately and it's been bloody annoying.  All good, though, pulling into BP Beresfield I saw a fair number of bikes so I knew we were in for a good ride to Terrigal for lunch.  By the time 9:30 came around we had about 16 bikes so it was time for a quick rider's briefing and get on our way.


As always, we got broken up badly trying to get onto the freeway so I just keep things slow to let everyone catch up.  After regrouping, we had a leisurely cruise down the freeway before turning off near the Tuggerah Super Centre.  Next up, heading through the roundabouts was an absolute nightmare.  I don't think I will be taking a group through here again.  Getting closer to the Central Coast Hwy roundabout I pulled the remaining group over to let everyone catch up.


A few roundabouts later I realised that I completely missed the Central Coast Hwy turn!  I was too focussed on keeping the group together that I completely missed it!  All good, we just made our way through a nice caravan park and checked out Shelly Beach car park.  Making our way back onto the Central Coast Hwy I noticed we only had about half the group.  I pulled to the side and waited a bit before one of the guys headed back to see if they stopped somewhere.  He came back empty handed so we assumed that the rear Road Captain took the lead and kept heading to Terrigal.  Just as I pulled the group out, a few waving hands came riding over the hill so we were a full group again.  I was so stoked!


The next stage was relatively easy and quite enjoyable.  As we arrived at Terrigal I saw the car park was completely full, I just hoped that the bike section was empty and it was so we all piled in.  After having a good laugh at my expense, we all decided Hog's Breath was going to be our lunch destination so we walked over and arranged some tables.  Some great conversations ensued, all quite lowbrow of course.  Soon enough, lunch arrived at our tables.  Everything looked awesome and there were no complaints whatsoever.


With full bellies we decided to make a run towards home but stop at The Entrance for ice cream.  Unfortunately I had to get home so after leading the group back to The Entrance, I bid them all farewell.


It was only a short cruise back up the Hwy and we were home.  All in all, a great little run with some awesome people.  Looking forward to a ride filled 2016!