Gloucester Run

By Officer Hardass
Category: H.O.G. Rides

Living in Newcastle there's nothing better than an easy run to Gloucester for lunch, especially when things are cooling down!  Waking up the morning of the run it was about 11 degrees so not cold but just starting to creep down.  Looking outside the sun was up so I knew it was going to be a great little ride.


I arrived at BP Beresfield on time for once and saw a few of the guys there ready.  I fuelled up and headed over for a chat.  Seems everyone was pretty keen for this one.  Turns out we were meeting the Mid-North Coast Chapter at the pub.  By 9:30AM we had a few more bikes turn up but no lead road captain!  So much for cruising up the back...


Leading the group I headed out towards Raymond Terrace and on to the highway.  First turn was on to Buckets Way and straight through to Gloucester.  From here on it was literally put the feet out and cruise.  Heading along through Stroud the sun was high enough that it was right on my back and mate was it good.  Nice cool air and warming sun is the best combination on the bike.


We arrived at Gloucester a little after 11AM and proceeded in to have a pre-lunch beer.  Naturally, Rolfy chased me down and we were back in our regular VB shout.  Heading back outside the sun was hitting the beer garden just right so I stood around and had a good chat with all the guys and there lovely partners.  After waiting until about 12:30 for the Mid-North Coast Chapter to show up we decided it was time to just grab lunch and say hello when they turn up.  As we were eating they turned up so we all waved and said hello, thankful we got in and ordered first!  Now with full bellies it was time to head home.  Winding our way home was a pleasurable non–event and everyone made it home safely.


Another great ride with some old faces and a couple new faces that were quite a pleasure to meet.  Now looking forward to the next ride!