Wedding in the Vineyards

By Officer Hardass

Today was the wedding of a close friend of my fathers daughter, which we were lucky enough to be escorting the fine young groom and his entourage on the back of our harley's.

The wedding was taking place at the Sebel Kirkton Hunter Valley at 2pm and we were all under strict instruction to be prompt and deliver the groom's party in one piece.

We all arrived at the Sebel around 11am for a quick dry run at proceedings and make the final touches to our bikes, which included applying some very intricate vinyl stickers proclaiming the couples undying love for each other — at this point, we were now all feeling our tough bikie image had been completely undermined.

After a quick meet-&-greet with the groom and groomsmen, we were off to the pub for a couple pre-ceremony beers and try convince the groom he still had time to run — the beers were good but apparently not good enough to convince the groom otherwise...

On our way back to the wedding, it was pretty awesome cruising through the vineyards with the boys all suited up riding bitch.  It definitely made for some good photos, none of which I have acquired yet.

We pulled up back at the wedding ready for our queue to ride around the front and drop off the groom and his entourage.  It was now getting above 30 degrees which we were all starting to feel — surprisingly the groom seemed to be the coolest out of everyone.

We now had the green light and it was time to ride around and drop off the groom and his entourage.  Riding our way around to the ceremony we were greeted by a lot of surprised onlookers who really weren't expecting the harley's, let alone the noise.

The groom and his entourage were all dropped off without a hitch and the rest of the wedding proceeded in similar fashion.  It was now time to take off home and get out of the heat.

We quickly removed the loving adornments from the backs of our bikes and headed off home in a not so slow fashion.  On our way back through Kurri Kurri, I was quite thankful we had previously removed the love declarations from our bikes as we passed approximately 100 outlaw bikes at the pub out for a ride — it would have made for some interesting looks...

All in all, a great day, and I know the boys' had a great time riding bitch which made it all worthwhile.