NT Rally - Day 8 - Rally Saturday

By Officer Hardass
Category: H.O.G. Rides

Waking up to another perfect day in the Alice was awesome.  The only issue is I packed for Alice to be hot as hell but in the last week the temperature has dropped from high 30's to high teens and low 20's!  In any case, it was off for another bacon and egg breaky at Dave and Lisa's before the thunder run.

For the thunder run we all lined up out the front of the Hilton.  I'm told there was about 500 bikes in total.  The run went out to Simpsons gap and back through the main street of town.  Lots of people came out and waved.  The little aboriginal kids were so excited by the bikes, it was awesome.

Next up was the grass games but since I was in Alice I wanted to go for a ride and see Alice.  I joined Smithy and Sue and we rode out to their friends place just outside of town.  From there we cruised out to Simpsons Gap and went for a walk around.  This place was stunning.  It's no wonder the aboriginal people feel such a spiritual connection with the land.

The rest of the day was pretty cruisy.  That night we had the rally dinner.  The food was awesome and the band played great songs but the sound was awful!  The temp was bloody freezing after dinner so I headed for bed along with almost everyone else.  Way to cold to be outside!