NT Rally - Day 7 - Rally Friday

By Officer Hardass
Category: H.O.G. Rides

It felt a little surreal waking up in Alice Springs.  Especially as right out of my window was the morning sun and a good view of the ranges.  We arranged last night that breaky would be at Dave and Lisa's so I got up and headed over for a feed.

After breaky we decided to go for a run to the local Harley dealership and take a look around.  Sue needed to get her wheel bearing replaced and Lisa and I needed headlight globes so this was obviously a good place to visit.  Turns out they had no globes but we managed to find a local Repco dealer who did, which got us out of trouble.

Next up we headed up the ANZAC lookout on the north side of the city.  From the lookout, we rode back to the south side of town and all lined up for a group photo in front of the Alice Springs sign.  It was awesome. 

Back in town we shot over to the rally site to get registered and chat with a few other chapters.  Soon after, we cruised back to the Hilton and had a little party at Owen and Bron's room.  For me, I was keen for an early night so I turned in and watched a bit of TV.

Thunder run tomorrow; can't bloody wait!