NT Rally - Day 2 - Broken Hill

By Officer Hardass
Category: H.O.G. Rides

Day 2 kicked off with an incredible sunrise and an overcast sky.  I was feeling great to be out of Newcastle and hoping to have another good day on the bike.

Shortly after a quick bit of breaky we were on the road heading for Cobar.  Along the way we saw plenty of goats and emus.  The baby goats are cute as hell; the emus are just goofy.  Thankfully the goats were a lot smarter than the kangaroos and got out of the way instead of jumping in front of you!  At Cobar we all lined up for a group photo and kept moving.

Heading out of Cobar you start to get the feeling you are close to the outback.  The transition from trees to sparse, dry land starts to take place.  Mind you with the amount of rain lately everything is super green.

We found a nice spot on the side of the road at Wilcannia for lunch.  The order of the day was ham and whatever-else-Vera-bought sandwiches.  They were awesome!

From Wilcannia we made a run for Broken Hill.  The land kept changing becoming more and more remote looking.  I really love the transition in landscape you experience from longer days on the bike.

We arrived at Broken Hill mid-afternoon and began the unpack ritual.  Turns out the new motel owners are mad car nuts so the guy brought his car around and took a couple guys for a spin.  Naturally it was my favourite colour green.  I went for a walk around town and was quite surprised how close the original BHP mine it.  It was literally behind our motel!

Once the sun fell we headed to the local club for dinner and a few more drinks.  I was amazed by how big and busy the club was.  Was not amazed by how long the food took to come out but it was great food so no love lost.  After a few more beers and cheers it was time to head back for a nap.  Tonight, Slim and Dave Watts shared my room.  Worked out well as I saved some cash and they got a bed each.  Dave and I go a fair way back but slim was new to me so it was great to chat with him and make a new friend.  Slim seems like a bit of legend so will have to chat more.

Tomorrow's another day and will be our first border crossing into SA.