NSW & QLD Loop - Day 7 - Nundle

By Officer Hardass
Category: Riding Solo
Waking up in Inverell it was -2 degrees!  I quickly jumped in the shower and waited half an hour for the water to warm up.  It took another half an hour to thaw me out from such a cold night!  Now all warm again, I jumped back in my thermals and got my heated vest cranked up.  Loading the bike up I noticed a good layer of frost over the seat and top box.  Everything in the beer garden where my bike was, was completely frozen or frosted over.  Damn it was cold!

Leaving Inverell I made my way to Bingara and stopped at the same bakery I stopped at on the way up.  For the record, the pies were still awesome and the coffee still did the job!  From Bingara I went back out of town and across to Bundarra.  Seems this road still isn't sealed for about 20ks so that was interesting, as it always is on a big Harley Davidson!  Safely at Bundarra I put my feet out and cruised along into Uralla, taking in the country scenery as I went.  Now that I was back on familiar roads it was still great but I knew what was coming up so I had the feeling of just wanting to get to Nundle and settle in for a good afternoon at the pub.  From Uralla I went into Tamworth and grabbed a quick bite and a few snaps up the lookout.  Always such a gorgeous place to stop.

With the lookout out of the way it was only a short run to Nundle Pub so I got going.  I was also looking forward to seeing my parents as they decided to come see me for my last night on the road and escort me home.  I knew they were a few hours away so I though I'd get there first and meet them when they arrived.

The road from Tamworth to Nundle is some of the most picturesque country you will ever see.  That and the big damn you ride past is also quite awesome.  The final hundred metres I could see the pub and it made me smile.  I parked my bike out the back and made my way inside.  After checking in I grabbed a beer and sat outside in a gorgeous, sunny spot.  After such a rough night prior I was that relaxed from the sun I almost fell asleep.

My parents arrived around an hour later and we had a good chat about my trip, enjoyed a great meal and a couple more drinks.  Not long after that it was off to bed for a very warm, long sleep.  I was feeling great but also a little sombre that tomorrow I was heading home to a lonely house and back to my new reality of being on my own.