NSW & QLD Loop - Day 4 - Bundaberg

By Officer Hardass
Category: Riding Solo
It felt weird waking up near the coast again after being so far inland, but hey, I was appreciating the warmth.  After waking up I had a quick tub and headed out onto the balcony to take a look at the plan for the day.  I had a tip from Dad to stop in at Agnes Water and 1770, which were right on the coast so I worked that into the plan along with Gladstone.  Soon after, I grabbed a quick pub breaky and loaded up the bike and made my way out.
Heading for Gladstone it was all pretty straight, easy road.  I stuck on the Bruce Hwy until Mount Larcom and then swung off for Gladstone.  The scenery along here was typical coastal bush—spindly, long grass with a few trees.  The road into Gladstone greened up a little more, which was a welcome change.  Gladstone itself was a nice looking town.  I randomly found a great waterfront park and stopped there for a little walk around.  Heading out of Gladstone I found a scenic route so followed that for as long as I could back onto the Bruce Hwy.
I jumped off the Bruce Hwy again at Miriam Vale and wound my way in to Agnes Water.  Now this was a little hippy town like I hadn't seen in ages.  Kind of like Byron Bay was before it got too popular.  Lots of hippie shops and caravan parks and some really expensive holiday homes.  Most notably I found an awesome fish and chip shop that really hit the spot for lunch.  With a full belly I took a loop through 1770.  This was a really interesting little town.  It was up to the gills with campers and caravans.  There were literally people everywhere.  Really beautiful spot.  Sight seeing done it was now time to keep pressing on for Bundaberg.
Heading into Bundaberg I have never seen so much sugar cane in my life.  I was expecting a lot but nothing of this magnitude.  The stuff was literally as far as the eye could see, and this went on for miles and miles.  I was glad to arrive at Bundaberg city as the sugar cane was driving me mad!  I did a little lap around town past the Old Bundy Tavern and found my motel for the night.
Making my way back to my bike after checking in to the motel my bike alarm started going off and wouldn't switch off.  I then realised the battery must be going flat in my FOB—how bloody convenient!  Thankfully after a little persuasion and waving my FOB madly it turned off and let me ride to my room.  I promptly unpacked and started a search for a battery shop.
Walking around the streets of Bundaberg was interesting.  Sugar cane was pretty much their culture and vibe of the town.  I managed to find a battery shop in my wanders so all good.  Now with battery in hand I thought there's only one place in Bundy to go and that's the Old Bundy Tavern.  Now, it looked good from the outside but from the inside she was a rough old pub.  The second I walked in and sat down a local yelled at me, "You look like a footy player with your shaved arms and muscles, and you're likely gay".  I replied with a wink, "Buy me a drink and I'll let you know".  He stopped and started laughing his guts out, as did his mates.  Even the bar girl had a chuckle.  Seems I was going to fit in fine here.
A few beers in I got chatting to a cowboy looking guy.  Turns out his family owns an enormous station up the Northern Territory and was on channel ten's Keeping Up With The Joneses.  His day job is mustering cattle from a helicopter and does competitive bull riding on the side.  Wildly different from my office job dealing with technology.  After a good chat with all the locals it was time to head back to the pub near my accommodation for dinner.
With a full belly I grabbed a couple take away cans of Bundy and relaxed with a Ramon Allones Specially Selected Robusto.  Damn good cigar and paired perfectly with the Bundy.  After this it was time to turn in and have another good sleep.  Tomorrow I'm heading back inland to Casino.