Tea Gardens for Gelato

By Officer Hardass

It was one of those days when I woke up and just felt like going for ride!


After a quick discussion with Wifey, we had decided on heading up to Tea Gardens for gelato.  The other alternative was Gloucester for coffee, although given it was a 30 degree day on the coast, we thought it wise not to head inland.


On our way north we struck out around the local beaches which is always nice.  It was remarkable how many people were at the beach, I'm assuming a lot of people are still on holidays.


After a quick trip around the local beaches we headed around the harbour to stockton, or more affectionately known as, "the peninsular".  It was around 1pm at this point and the temperature was really starting to heat up.  Now out in the open I was able to pick up the speed a little which made the heat a little more comfortable.


Soon after the RAAF base we swung left and headed west to Raymond Terrace via the Grahamstown dam, which is always a pretty sight.


Hitting the freeway at Raymond Terrace, we headed north until "The Rock" service station, which if you've never seen, is well worth stopping at!


A quick right a couple kilometres past "The Rock" and we were heading for the coast again.  I absolutely love the view on the way into Tea Gardens; ridding over the hill gives a great open view of the coastline.


Pulling up at Tea Gardens, we found a 'bike room only' park right in front of the ice cream shop.  Wifey was now quite excited as the  gelato she'd been looking forward to was just across the road.


After grabbing a fine selection of gelato, we jumped across the road and found a nice shady spot to enjoy our gelato.  The wind was really picking up now and it was fun watching the pelicans' trying to land on the choppy water.


We had a little walk around then it was time to cruise home and head to the beach for a cool off ourselves.